My favorite musical

I grew up watching and singing at the top of my lungs to Grease and Grease two and I know the Wizzard of Oz by heart but my favorite musical is Across the Universe.  Being a Beatle nut I grew up singing all the songs in this film. The story line of showing the life of Jimmy Hendrix and Janis Joplin using different names though, but it’s pretty obvious who the characters are supposed to be, while weaving characters in an out one being Jude(Jim Sturgess) and Lucy (Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds played by Evan Rachel Wood) and adding all the other songs to fall along the story such as Prudence and she came in through the bathroom window. I love how they threw in other song titles throughout the movie. The movie is a Beatle Mania without the characters posing as the Beatles. Evan Rachel Wood did a beautiful job and I love that they threw in Bono and Joe Cocker. Excellent cast and all the Beatle songs I love so much.  I have seen the movie at least 100 times and listened to the soundtrack more times than I can remember. My nine year old little girl knows all the Beatle songs by heart because of this movie. If you love the Beatles you must watch this movie.


THE B-HOLDER- invented by Chelsea Radcliffe This soft foamy design fits gently but securely over the babies belly and holds the bottle up(less bubbles, less burping) so you the busy mommy who has tons of things to do before hubby gets home plus feed the kids a chance to do just that so the busy mom get’s dinner ready while baby feeds. She can make dinner for the rest of the family, especially the mom who has twins, triplets and possibly even quadruplets. Now we recommend that you take the B-Holder off when you do have time so you still have some bonding time with your baby. Life is busy but we have to stop and smell the flowers sometimes. I invented the B-Holder when my little baby needed to be fed and I had to work. I had to do hair while my baby fed because I had to pay the bills. It worked wonders and made my life so much easier. I knew the B-Holder needed to be invented for all the busy moms out there.